My father set a non negotiable rule that we should get a

My father set a non negotiable rule that we should get a

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buy canada goose jacket cheap Whatever the story was, the old folks sat on it and made sure we never heard it from them.But the more tightly they kept the lid on our origins, the more curious we children became.As we grew older, we learnt indirectly that not only were we different, but we were also outsiders we did not originate from within the mountains of Pilane, where Welgeval was ensconced.Fragments of praise songs that old uk canada goose people recited at weddings hinted at a distant place in the northern Transvaal (today Limpopo province) called Moletji but no one explained the significance of this.Welgeval was our home, with a support system for all circumstances and a regular life rhythm in all seasons. This regularity defined people roles and lent a sense of belonging.Men ploughed and planted crops in spring; women canada goose outlet usa weeded the fields in summer and did pottery when it was too hot to work in the fields; everybody canada goose black friday sale harvested in winter and prepared produce to barter in neighbouring villages for crops we didn produce ourselves.Education was of central importance: all children went to the local primary school before joining their parents in farming or going on to secondary school elsewhere.As farming on Welgeval grew more stable and canada goose outlet mall successful, ambitious families encouraged their children to enter professions.My father set a non negotiable rule that we should get a profession before we got married. Parents sometimes sold cattle to pay for their children education.But our habitation of Welgeval came to an end at the height of apartheid.In 1980, it was incorporated into the Pilanesberg National Park, and our people were moved away and resettled elsewhere buy canada goose jacket cheap.

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