It revolved around the Crossroads Motel in the fictional

It revolved around the Crossroads Motel in the fictional

Hermes Replica Bags The station launches on Saturday, February 28, will cover Birmingham, the Black Country and Solihull and be available to watch on Freeview Channel 8.Big Centre TV: See the shows viewers can expect from new Birmingham TV channel It plans to broadcast all existing episodes of the Birmingham based soap, including some classic early episodes from the 1960s.They will be shown on weekdays at 9.30am and repeated at 6pm and 11pm.Crossroads ran from 1964 to 1988 on ITV and at its peak the show’s viewing figures reached 18 million. It revolved around the Crossroads Motel in the fictional village of Kings Oak, near Birmingham.(Image: PA)Channel director Chris Perry said: “It’s an incredible honour to bring Crossroads back to viewers. More than 4,500 episodes were filmed, but only around 3,000 have survived and these are mostly from 1978 to 1988.”The earlier editions were largely lost and only a few classic editions survive. Hermes Replica Bags

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