While the origin of the plants on Schmeiser’s farm in 1997

While the origin of the plants on Schmeiser’s farm in 1997

Rochester City Court Judge Leticia Astacio is in jail. Monday at the conclusion of a court appearance in which she rejected an offer from the judge overseeing her drunken driving case.The deal, posed by Judge Stephen Aronson, would have seen Astacio plead guilty to violating her sentence in exchange for spending 45 days in jail, two years on probation and six months wearing an ankle monitor.More: Judge Astacio will return to ‘work’ after serving timeThe intricacies of Astacio’s case are so convoluted that it is nearly impossiblefor the casual observer to keep track of the saga without starting at the beginning.Astacio was convicted of drunken driving in August 2016 and was sentenced to what is known as a one year conditional discharge, meaning she was free to go about her life provided she followed certain conditions.Those conditions included refraining from consuming alcohol, submitting to any court mandated tests for alcohol and outfitting her car with an ignition interlock device.She has since been accused of violating those conditions multiple times, but was only found guilty of one. That finding iphone cases, last fall, resulted in her sentence being extended until February 2018.Astacio was summoned to appear in court again last weekto address the whereabouts of a urine test Aronson had ordered her to take weeks earlier to determine whether she had alcohol in her system.

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iphone 8 case At the time, Roundup Ready canola was in use by several farmers in the area. Schmeiser claimed that he did not plant the initial Roundup Ready canola in 1997, and that his field of custom bred canola had been accidentally contaminated. While the origin of the plants on Schmeiser’s farm in 1997 remains unclear iphone cases iphone cases, the trial judge found that with respect to the 1998 crop, “none of the suggested sources [proposed by Schmeiser] could reasonably explain the concentration or extent of Roundup Ready canola of a commercial quality” ultimately present in Schmeiser’s 1998 crop.[5]In 1998, Monsanto learned that Schmeiser was growing a Roundup resistant crop and approached him to sign a license agreement to their patents and to pay a license fee. iphone 8 case

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