The music is like splashing your wrists with cooling water

The music is like splashing your wrists with cooling water

perfect hermes replica Get the biggest daily stories by emailSubscribeSee our privacy noticeMore newslettersThe engine and his friends are unquestionably one of the world’s most reconisable franchises. Their gentle adventures on the Island of Sodor have entertained youngsters entertained for generations.Despite having two children of my own, it was a surprise for me to learn that an entire theme park dedicated to Thomas the Tank engine was just a short drive from Manchester.First opened in 1949, Drayton Manor theme park near Tamworth in Staffordshire was previously the location of a stately home and then an Army training grounds.But now it is one of the UK’s most popular attractions pulling in some 1.5m people every year.And since 2008 it has also been home to Thomas Land and an array of rail themed rides to delight children of all ages.Created by the Rev WA Audry back in the 1940s,Thomas and his has been an enduring mainstay of British childhood as well as a global phenomenon with audiences around the world (not least in Japan where the very first Thomas Land opened some years ago).Aged four and seven, I thought my two children might be a fraction too old for Thomas.I thought wrong.We arrive bright and early in time for the rides to begin operating at 10.30am.Even with an early start, there is certainly more to see in one just day.We were fortunate enough to visit the park on a day which wasn’t ridiculously busy and did not face any significant delays to get any of the rides (the longest was the queue for the Troublesome Trucks Runaway Coaster, a sort of miniature rollercoaster for young visitors, where we waited to longer than 20 mins).More gentle rides are on hand in the form of the engine rides where you can take a trip on board Harold the Helicopter skyride or a train pulled by Thomas, Percy or Rosie, taking in the sights from across the park on the way.For tired out parents, there is also an impressive Thomas themed indoor play area where the children can run off some extra steam while mums and dads can catch a few minutes on the comfy sofas (although during our visit play was restricted to 20 minutes to ensure everyone had a turn).And, while not exactly sedate, we also enjoyed the 4D cinema experience featuring a Yogi Bear in which the audience enjoys water, wind and shudders along with the cartoon bear.But for the most part, any delays in getting onto chosen rides were minimal and there was more than enough sights and sounds to keep children constantly occupied.Outside of Thomas Land itself, the park is also home to a number of high octane rollercoasters and water rides, none of which we ventured upon on this particular visit.There are some height and age restrictions which make rides unsuitable for younger children. However we enjoyed a spin in the Flying Dutchman and there are also traditional Victorian carousels.And if you still have time left there is also an impressive zoo featuring red pandas, lynxes, meercats, as well as a large variety of monkeys and apes. perfect hermes replica

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