In dramatic public testimony on Wednesday before the House

In dramatic public testimony on Wednesday before the House

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uk canada goose House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff, a Democrat, said Cohen would return for further questioning on March 6 to give lawmakers another chance to follow up on allegations of wrongdoing that Cohen leveled at his former boss this week.think we all feel it was a very productive interview today where he was able to shed light on a lot of issues that are very important to our investigation. We were able to drill down in great detail, Schiff told reporters.Schiff said the panel also will talk to Felix Sater, a Russian born property developer and former business associate of Trump, in a public session on March 14 to talk about efforts to build a Trump tower in Moscow.Sater, canada goose outlet in chicago who worked with Cohen on the project while Trump was running for president, has said he and Cohen at one point talked about giving a $50 million penthouse to Russian President Vladimir Putin as a way to justify raising the prices of other units in the envisioned tower.Cohen pleaded guilty last year to lying to Congress about the Moscow project, but Schiff said he answered all of the panel questions. The testimony will eventually be made public, he said.Related CoverageTrump derides hearing but says Cohen truthful on collusion spoke before three congressional panels this week that are examining Russian canada goose lodge uk election meddling and any collusion with the Trump campaign.In dramatic public testimony on Wednesday before the House Oversight Committee, Trump one time accused the president of breaking the law while in office and said for the first time that Trump knew in advance about a WikiLeaks dump of stolen emails that hurt his 2016 election opponent Hillary Clinton.Committee chairman Elijah Cummings, a Democrat, said his panel would further investigate issues raised by Cohen testimony and may try to get the president son, Donald Trump Jr., and his former accountant, Allen Weisselberg, to testify.LOT MORE EFFICIENT WITHOUT CAMERAS Other Democrats said they would try to verify whether Trump manipulated financial statements to reduce taxes and secure bank loans, as Cohen alleged.Democratic Representative Jim Himes said Thursday closed door format allowed lawmakers to explore in depth some of the issues Cohen raised on Wednesday, as well as other subjects uk canada goose.

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