As far as accessories go, you need black and brown belts both

As far as accessories go, you need black and brown belts both

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As for dealing the the PTSD, this is very important. This situation absolutely can make PTSD worse, so if you can pursue a therapeutic course of action (and you may be doing so already ) I think it will help. I have heard of therapies that work to neutralize fears, I do not know how that works, but I am wondering if it is appropriate here..

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I went to a smoke shop after I saw the movie to buy a cigar because I just wanted to sit outside looking at the moon and digest the movie. The lady at the smoke shop said she didn want to see it because she heard the movie was overly jingoistic on NPR.I couldn believe this: so both the left and the right gave into stupid controversies about this movie, and then most people ended up not seeing it. Granted, I dont listed to NPR and that was the first time I heard of that, so I cant confirm that she was correct.

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